Aug 9, 2011

Japan welcomes K-Pop’s first vocal group, 2AM

On August 9th, Japan’s Sankei Sports covered news of 2AM’s upcoming Japanese advancement!

Positioned on the first page of their newspaper’s entertainment section, 2AM was spotlighted for being“the first K-Pop vocal group” to advance into Japan. They went on to explain that unlike the other idols who are dance-focused, 2AM’s charm was in their singing.

Sankei Sports said, “With their beautiful voices, they will shake up the Japanese music industry.”

Anticipations were further raised with Nihon TV’s morning show, ‘Oha!4 News Live‘ and ‘ZIP‘ covering 2AM’s Japanese debut.

2AM will be meeting their Japanese fans at the ‘JYP Nation in Japan 2011‘ on August 17th and 18th.

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