Aug 9, 2011

INFINITE’s L enjoys great success in his Japanese drama, ‘Jiu’

INFINITE’s L is currently starring in a Japanese drama called ‘Jiu‘, and is enjoying some much deserved success.

Although it airs during a midnight time slot, the drama recorded 9.4% in viewer ratings for its first episode and jumped into the double digits by the second, coming in at first for its time slot.

Yomiuri, a Japanese news outlet, also extensively covered L’s drama appearance with a special interview. L said, “I knew that I had to focus 100%, especially since it was my first time working on a drama. Every moment is special and precious to me. I’m confident in my stamina since I’m used to practicing dances for 15 hours a day.”

L plays the lead role of the blonde killer, ‘Jiu’. At the time of his casting, outlets like Sankei Sports,Daily Sports, and others took much interest in the up-and-coming Hallyu star. CS TV Asahi had even created a special program to follow L as he prepared for the drama.

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