Aug 9, 2011

Five Fingers reveals that they allowed TVXQ to remake "Balloons" for signed CDs

Group Five Fingers recently appeared on Mnet's "Yoo Doohyun's MUST," where they revealed the circumstances in allowing the most popular male group, TVXQ, to remake their song, "Balloons."

According to the group, SM Entertainment had contacted the group and asked if they could change the lyrics "yellow balloons" to "red balloons" so that it would represent TVXQ's fan club, Cassiopeia. Their first response was to refuse.

However, Five Fingers than made a deal with the agency that in exchange for 10 signed CDs from TVXQ, they would then allow the lyrics to be changed. Five Fingers said, "We’re grateful because the opportunity was used to remember ‘Balloons’ once more."

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