Aug 9, 2011

Dal Shabet overhauls their “Bling Bling” outfit concepts

We seem to be hearing this so often lately, and yet another group has been drawn into ’sexually suggestive’ controversies. Dal Shabet recently revealed that they had overhauled their sexy disco outfits to avoid further issues.

On August 9th, Happy Face Entertainment said, “Public broadcast networks have been casting a lot of attention on singers and their outfits as well as their performance styles. In the end, we’ve decided to comply by changing all of their outfits.”

Thus, the outfits that they had already produced won’t be used at all. Instead, the girls will be wearing turtleneck shirts that limit the amount of skin exposure. The company also switched out the shorts for several different pairs of long pants instead.

Representatives continued, “We made the decision to change it because so many staff members had worked so hard on this album and didn’t want anything to stand in its way. We will work that much harder on stage so as to not disappoint the fans.”

Dal Shabet will be releasing their third mini-album, “Bling Bling“, on August 11th.

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